How to Survive Earth



From the back...

You hold in your hands an amalgamation of tips, photographs, charts, and how tos on surviving Earth without being eaten by cats or trapping yourself in a cubicle, both of which are horrible ways to die. The art of survival is a precarious one. Lean too far one way and you’re a talking zombie, lean the other you’re full of life and self-actualization. How to Survive Earth is a guide to remaining between lifeless and lively.

Rave reviews for How to Survive Earth

“This book is exactly what I needed, reading it was like hitting a wall. I was in the torpor of existing and this guide pulled me somewhat to a sitting position. Thank you.” - E. Schrödster

“What a revelation! To understand what I’m doing in life right now was mind-blowing.” - J. Smith

“Highlighting everything humans have been surviving since the introduction of the Internet, the art world, globalization, and what is essentially modern day life.” - Julie Chrestiva